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Broadband and Free Phone

Broadband in 2019

Broadband consists of a modem or a router (small black box) for your computer and a line splitter or filter.  Broadband-enabled exchanges pump telephone calls and data down your house line into TWO INDEPENDENT CHANNELS.  You can then use the computer on-line and have a telephone conversation at the same time.  Broadband works up to 40 times faster than before.  “Hi-Speed” Broadband (ADSL2) will become more widely available in East Kent in the next few years. Some villages with poor Broadband are using Wireless Broadband (VFast) or even 3Mobile’s MiFi HPSA+ products. (Broadband using mobile phone circuits).

Broadband Advice

There are many “packages” available so do ask for free advice as part of the annual contract .  It may be prudent to install a “wireless” Broadband router, which removes the need to rewire the telephone junctions.  With Broadband a good virus checker must be installed with an active firewall. All this is explained at the point of installation by sambucus.net. This service package is now comparatively cheap with all telephone calls, line rental and Broadband charges working out at c. £35 per month.

Broadband Telephones

Once you have installed Broadband, sambucus.net can install SKYPE (or similar) allowing you to make FREE telephone calls to other SKYPE users.  You can also dial normal landline phones for a reduced rate currently of 1.7p per minute to virtually most countries in the world including the UK.