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Buying a computer

If the new client’s computer is running well, or is just in need of more memory, a full MOT will be undertaken and additional memory installed.  The MOT service will “clean” the computer’s disk and remove unwanted programs, data, viruses, Trojans and other malware.

However, if the computer is old (7yrs+) and slow, a discussion will take place regarding its replacement.

sambucus.net can advise and assist clients in the purchase of new computers according to their exact needs.  We track down the best deal for the client’s pocket and accompany the client to stores to purchase the correct system locally. This applies to standard PCs, laptops, tablets including iPad etc. Sometimes it is preferable to purchase the equipment online at the client’s own home.

sambucus.net does sell computers, and we have “relationships” with manufacturers but we remain objective and to recommend value for money.

sambucus.net recommends purchasing the best possible computer processor with a minimum of 8Gb of Memory.  Hard disks, for storing information, these days are relatively cheap - therefore purchase the largest capacity you, the client, can afford.  Moreover, DVD Writers have become the standard and can be used to either backup your files, or to send Photo Albums and Video Movies to your nearest and dearest.(A DVD writer can “burn” DVDs or CDs)

sambucus.net suggests LCD Flat screens with minimum of 23 inches (preferably 24 to 27 inches) for those with not so strong eyes — the new TV based wide screens are bigger.