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What does it all cost?

We pride ourselves on being cost-conscious and price competitive.  Our client base is strictly those of senior years with ages ranging from 48/50 to 90+ years and we are aware of pressures of fixed incomes.

All hardware (computers) and software (applications) with or without our assistance, will be purchased directly and transparently to gain the best deal.

We realise that our clients are home based and personal clients and so we offer a bespoke charging system, which is time based. This does not mean that we have stop watches at the ready. 

Computing for the over 50sWe are aware that our clients have different rates of learning.  Some pick up concepts faster than others and therefore, we work on a standard cost basis.

Example charges:  The sambucus.net Annual Contract (which includes unlimited telephone/email support 6 days/52 weeks and an annual MOT) is £95 pa;    basic problem solving and tuition visits are c£30-£60;  and advising, buying, installation and basic tuition service (the full works) is £195, in addition to the cost of purchase of hardware/software.   The majority of our clients have commented that the money saved with the expert advice at point of purchase usually compensates for the fee to be paid!

sambucus.net is not VATable.