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Surrey GU9 0JB (Admin Office) info@sambucusover50s.net 01227 392650

Installation and Transfer

Computer installations

We use experienced staff to unpack, assemble and test run your new computer.  Printers and other devices will be checked, installed and tested.  Furthermore, we carry out a “wash and brush up” session to iron out difficulties, queries and knowledge gaps.

Application Software

sambucus.net staff will install the correct software for your needs. Many of these programs are Free of Charge from the Open Systems Foundation, such as “Libre Office”. We also support Microsoft Office.  (Ask for free advice)

Moving Information from old machines to new

Computing for the over 50sThis can be difficult even for experts.  As an annual contract client, we will check your old machine before you buy the new one and recommend a “migration” policy thus reducing future problems.

Will my printer, scanner, camera work with my new machine?

A question that is often asked almost too late.  Modern computers use standard plugs called USBs.  Your older printer or scanner may not connect to your new computer, which we will check before you purchase your new computer.  Most modern printers are also WiFi, which means that the printer can be sited in a convenient spot without cables.