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Ongoing Support

How easy it is to get started and then to immediately forget how to turn the machine on. We all tend to get into bad habits and/or forget/lose instructions.  This applies especially to backup routines and filing systems.  Sometimes, clients’ computers become infested with viruses and start behaving “strangely”.  New applications supplied by well-meaning friends/relatives (particularly of the younger variety) can cause all kinds of problems to the unwary.

Trouble shooting is one of the most common activities of sambucus.net. Most problems you encounter can be handled by telephone or email as part of the annual contract.

A newer way to support clients is through the use of “Remote Assistance”. A small program named “Sambucus Assist” would have been installed by us on your computer.  When started it will, at your command, generate a unique set of codes which are passed to sambucus.net allowing us to look securely at your computer from afar. When complete, the session is disconnected by you, the client.  The same codes can not be used again by anybody, including sambucus.net.

sambucus.net depends on its clients and they are supported through an annual support contract which is tailored to the client’s needs.  This consists of an annual charge, including unlimited telephone support and a full annual MOT, plus a very much reduced call out fee. 

Nearly all of our clients are through personal recommendation as we no longer advertise thus cutting our costs.