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Tuition and Training

Running the computer as a Contracted Client

sambucus.net can train you to use your own computer in the comfort of your own home.  The minimum requirement is that you know your way around a typewriter keyboard.  If not, we have a basic course just for you.  You do not need to be a professional typist to use a computer.

sambucus.net will set up the housekeeping programs to run automatically, which means you can concentrate on the applications.  However, there are a few basic facts which you must know including filing systems (think of a filing cabinet), back up (copying data) and security.

Application Tuition

Computing for the over 50ssambucus.net can condense a complicated 500 page manual into 1-2 pages of essential notes, which you will write!  (In this way you will find learning much easier).

sambucus.net concentrates on the basics and ensures you understand them for every application.  Afterwards, you can continue to learn like the rest of us - by “trial and error”.

As long as you do not forget the basics, we will show you how to overcome the “error” side and how to correct mistakes and/or “ditch” the mistake and start again.

sambucus.net’s objective is always to leave you with sufficient information to run your computer and applications confidently, with assistance just a telephone call away.